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Prime Services

Prime works with Incubators, VCs, Universities, Companies and Entrepreneurs to provide high quality legal and commercialisation advice. 

This includes idea assessment; competitor portfolio analysis; IP due diligence; advice on IP strategy, budgets and structure; novelty searching; freedom-to-operate analysis and IP legal contracts.

As well as professional IP advice, Tim regularly presents seminars and workshops for professional development and student learning, in-person and online.  

IP Strategy - When, where and how to protect different forms of IP. 

IP Policy - Structure and processes to support the capture, assessment and protection of innovation.

Novelty Searching

Assessment of the novelty of new or improved technologies.  Commercial evaluation of research ideas.   


FTO searching, patent claim infringement analysis, legal risk assessment and mitigation to assist commercial decision-making, 

Agreement preparation, negotiation and review

NDAs, MTAs, Licences, Revenue Sharing Agreements, Contractor/Sub-contractor Agreements, Research Agreements, MOUs, Assignments, Collaboration Agreements, Commercialisation Agreements, 

Competitor intelligence

Review of competitor patent portfolios including technology area, strength of IP, key markets, patent filing trends and metrics.

IP Due Diligence

Full IP assessment reports on novelty, data support, likelihood of grant in key markets, legal admin matters (e.g. contracts, assignments, licensing), FTO risk analysis.   

Patent landscape searching

Review of the patent landscape for a defined technology or field.  Info on competitors, potential partners or licensees.

Advice on recognition and protection of culturally relevant research and commercial activities.  Agreement preparation or review.  Advice on NZ and International best practice e.g. Wai262, Nagoya Protocol. 

IP Portfolio Management

Prime uses the latest automated online tools to efficiently manage IP and patent portfolios - including national phase filing series, renewals and maintenance fee management     

Idea Assessment

Review of new ideas and preparation of report/presentation analysing proof of concept, IP, market, team and technology readiness level. 

IP Legal Opinions

Fact-finding and assessment for resolving IP legal questions by reference to contracts, law and case law.  E.g. owner/inventor review, patent claim infringement.  

Professional Standards

Registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorneys are subject to the professional standards set by the Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney Code of Conduct when providing patent attorney services.  Tim is also a fellow of the New Zealand Intellectual Property Attorneys (NZIPA).


Only a registered patent attorney is allowed by law to provide you with professional assistance in New Zealand or Australia to apply for and obtain a patent, prepare and amend patent specifications, or get advice on the validity of patents and their infringement.

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